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One way to find an article in Proquest is to go to the Library home page and click on the Databases tab. Then click on P and scroll down to Proquest Group Databases. Click on Business.   In the search screen, put in a term and use the drop down menu to choose: subject, author, title, company, etc.  Other search options are listed beneath the search boxes.  Once all information is complete, click on Search.  (Note: another option is to choose ABI/Proquest from the database list.) 
The search results may be limited by items on the right side menu.  Scroll through the search results and click inside the box beside the citation(s) that is needed. A notice will appear in the upper right side of the screen for the number of selections made: # Recent Searches.  When # Recent Searches is clicked the options for the out-put: email (in citing format of your choice), save, print, or export the article (citation) are available.
Another option is to click on the PDF icon under the citation.  The PDF will open into a format that may be read and/or downloaded/printed.  (The email option may be a better choice as it will be in a citing format and you have a paper trail).
Important If prompted for an account, use your student network account which which was given by the IT department. All of our library databases require this account for remote access.